Life on the Coosa River (continued)

When Rhonda and I moved to the river, we were very anxious. We were moving away from friends and family. We were setting out on an adventure. I myself felt like Abraham in Genesis when Yahweh told him to take his family and set out for a land that He would show him. Abraham was very anxious too but trusted Yahweh. He trusted Him so much he packed up and headed out in faith.  Rhonda and I had been praying and looking around for a new place. We wanted to stay close to family especially since we have our first grandson on the way. We could not find anything that seemed right. However, Father God, Yahweh, showed us the river, specifically the Coosa River. Everything just seem to fall into place when we checked out this place on the river. So we did like Abraham and packed up and headed out to a land that He showed us. We trusted Him. The move at our age was tough but we kept looking ahead at what was before us at the end of this journey. We have been on the river for a month now. It is so peaceful and pleasant here. No cars, sirens or noise all throughout the day and night like we had before. We get a restful night of sleep now. And, I don’t have to get up real early to go to work. The sounds here, oh the sounds here. The sounds here are the birds singing outside our window in the mornings as the sun comes up. The sound of the water crashing against the shore. The gentle breeze that moves the trees. Then as the day progresses, we now have the sound of children playing since school is out for the summer. I just came back in from my early morning walk and met Jacob, his brother and his cousin. They wanted to know who this new man was walking their parking lot. So I made some new friends today. As I walked for my exercise, they rode their bikes. Jacob’s little cousin,  who I did not get her name, walked alongside me until we got too far away from her home. I told her she should go back home with Jacob and his brother. She smiled and said, “Good bye, Mr. T. See you later” So this is life on the river.


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