Life on the Coosa River (continued)

Well, I am back writing about Life on the Coosa River. As those of you who follow my blog now know, I haven’t posted anything in a week or so. After my original post, LIFE caused me to focus on other things. We had a long holiday weekend that I spent time with my wife, Rhonda, in which we went out and tried new restaurants. We did find some good ones and then some that were not so good. I also got down in my back over last weekend and spent time in bed resting. I guess that would have been a good time to do some writing but pain occupied my mind. I am better after some tender-loving care and many prayers that went up to Father. I even got to return to church yesterday and give Father praise for His touch. As I said in my first blog post, it was an anxious time for Rhonda and I when we moved to the river. We did not know anyone out here which makes it hard. However, I have started going to a small church that is very loving and welcoming to visitors. I have visited there three times now and feel very comfortable and feel His presence there. I think this is where Father has led me. They even still have Sunday evening services which most have given up. They had a Celebration Service last night and Rhonda and I talked about going. It would have been her first time there but for a couple of reasons we did not make it. I have also not been doing my morning walks for exercise due to some of the same excuses I gave for not writing above. This morning I did get my walk in. I love the walk around the river’s edge which is not only exercise but a quiet time to do some thinking. A lot of things went through my mind this morning on my walk. I primarily felt Sir Holy Spirit’s presence as I remembered what we talked about yesterday in Sunday School and then in Worship. He spoke to me and told me that I needed to get back into my writing today. I am learning to write by writing as I have said before. I am also reading as much as I can about writing and reading the writings of others like all of you following my posts on WordPress.  I am a writer and one day I might be called an author.

Walking and Thinking

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