Life On The Coosa River (continued)

As those of you who follow my blog know, I have not posted anything for a while. There have been several reasons which includes not having consistent Internet service from my ISP. When Rhonda and I moved to the Coosa River, we were told that there were really only two Internet Service Providers for our area. One had a combined plan for cable TV and Internet service while the other had satellite TV with an Internet service. So, we being used to having cable TV along with Internet service, we went with the first one. Our first month here, we had great cable TV and great Internet service. We were given a discounted rate for the first three months for the bundle. Well three months have gone by and the month of June was terrible for not having a consistent Internet connection. I contacted the company and was hoping that July would be a better month but, so far, it has not been a good month. I am surprised right now that I have had a connection long enough to post this blog today. Also, I have had some computer issues in which I had to reinstall Windows 8 onto my laptop and then upgrade to Windows 10 again. This took several days to do and to get it back up to where I had it before the problem. Good thing for synchronization. The laptop is several years old now and I may need to look into getting a new one. Since I am retired now, I haven’t had to use it for work or other situations where I needed it before. I did get my old desktop PC out of the closet and hooked it back up. It is old too and was giving me some problems at times. So, all that said, hopefully I am back up and running again. As far as my retirement, these three to four months of no job has been great for refreshing and renewing me. Being on the River in a nice, quiet community does wonders for you. Rhonda told me that she feels more relaxed and calm too as compared to how we were in the City. Maybe this will help her with her medical problems and she will be able to do more. My plans after a time of rest with my retirement was and is to find a part-time job as well as do some writing. I think I can use my years of knowledge and experience working two or three days per week. This would supplement my retirement distribution and hopefully and prayerfully make it last a while. My financial advisor at the bank is concerned that I will outlast my retirement. So I am now looking into the job market again. I have applied for a position of Health and Wellness Educator with an Occupational Health Clinic near by. We will see how that turns out. I will leave it all in Father’s Hands. He will open doors and I just have to follow Him and give Him all the glory. I did meet another new neighbor here at our apartment complex named Taylor. She asked me if I was retired. I said, “Do I look that old to you?” She said, “No, No No, I didn’t mean it that way.” We both laughed and then she said, “Half of the residents here are either retired or work at the Honda Plant near by.” So we moved to a one-half retirement community apparently. Today, they plan to turn off our water for the water company to fix some leaks so Rhonda and I have plans to go out for lunch and then to the new Library . We both got our new library cards so I guess we are official now. Praying for all my blog readers today and want to thank all of you for following me as I learn to write by writing. Have a blessed day!!!


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