One Of My Stories

I thought I’d share this story with everyone. I just shared it with Rhonda and she thought it an amazing story but: Today I have a cousin that is having a birthday. I am not calling his name but he almost wasn’t with us today. Here is the story: When I was in school at UAB & working at Carraway Hospital as a Trauma Surgical Technician, I went home one weekend to my Mom & Dad’s. My Dad was gone to his National Guard weekend or maybe his 2 weeks away from home while I was visiting Mom. My brothers & this cousin decided to go fishing so I was just sitting there watching TV or reading when my cousin comes walking in and was as white as a sheet. I asked him what was wrong & he said “Oh, nothin’ I have just been shot”. I jumped up to check him and he had a bullet hole in his lower back but no exit wound. I then asked where my 2 brothers were and he said he didn’t know. He said they ran into the woods and he hadn’t seen them since. Needless to say, I was then upset that we did not know what had happened to them. I told my Mom however that we needed to get my cousin to the hospital that his pulse was faint and BP dropping. As we went out the door, my 2 brothers came across the road out of the woods. They were ok but scared. They had ran several miles through the woods to get away from the shooting and home. They then told me that they had gone to a pond to fish that was on land posted as no trespassing when the owner caught them. He came at them shooting without much warning. My 2 brothers ran for the woods to hide but my cousin not wanting to leave his truck ran to it. That was when he felt something hit him in his back and he went down. However, the owner allowed him to get in his truck to leave. Just before we could leave for the hospital, the land owner drove up and wanted to speak to my Dad and I told him that he wasn’t there and that he would have to deal with me. After telling me that he was sick and tired of these kids fishing in his pond and he wanted them to pay for it. I told him that we could talk about that later but that we had to get my cousin to the hospital. He left upset and said he wanted to see my Dad as soon as he got back. My youngest brother said “I’ll drive so you can take care of him.” I got my cousin to lie down in the back seat so I could monitor his vitals. My brother drove 90-100 miles per hour to the hospital in spite me saying slow down. When we got to Winfield, the police followed us through town with lights and sirens going but my brother was not going to stop until we got to the hospital. When we got to the ER, I carried my cousin in and the police officer recognized me from when I worked there before. He said “what’s up?” I said “he has been shot.” So they opened the door for us and helped us get him in. After I placed him on the treatment table, I told the nurse that he needed surgery. I asked them who their surgeon was, since I knew that, Dr. Shamblin, the surgeon I worked with before moving to Birmingham had left. They told me that they did not have a surgeon anymore. I said to myself, I have gone to the wrong hospital. But they said they had someone On Call that would come down from Hamilton. When the surgeon got there, I found out that he was an Orthopedic Surgeon and he came to me and asked me to scrub with him in the OR. He actually told me that I probably had more experience in Trauma Surgery than he had since I worked at the Trauma Center. So I scrubbed up and helped him with the surgery on my own cousin, walking him through how we would do it at “The Trauma Center”. So I said all that to say that Father God had me in the right place, at the right time or my cousin may not be celebrating his birthday today. True story!!! Happy Birthday, Cuz!!!


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