Another One of My Stories

Was encouraged to share this again so more can read it. To Him Be All The Glory!!!

Testimony Time:
I haven’t shared this in quite a while but someone needed prayer and counsel this morning about losing a child during pregnancy. I don’t share this story as much as I probably should but Father brings us through ‘storms’ and comforts us so we can comfort others. (2 Corinthians 1:3-5)
So here is my Testimony for any one it may help.
I may have told you this story before but if not… we know what you go through when you think about the baby you lost. We had the same thing happen to us. We lost our 1st son, Joseph(who we were going to call Joey). This devastated Rhonda, my wife, and after 3 weeks I came home and all she could do was cry. She asked, ‘Why did God do this to us?’ I didn’t know how to answer her so all I could do was cry with her. Then all of a sudden while I was holding her and crying with her, a loud booming voice from above sounded. He said, ‘Son, tell your wife that Joseph is here with me. I had my reasons for bringing him on ahead. Tell her that soon you will have another baby boy and he will be big and strong. Comfort her with these words.’ When I told her, she smiled and said, ‘God told you that?’ She then said ‘Well, I need to get up and get ready for our new baby boy. Well, nine months later, Allen, came along. He is now grown and just gave us our 1st grandson, Harrison. We wanted to have a girl also but Father had other plans. Rhonda lost our 3rd child who we were going to call Chrissy. So Joey & Chrissy are in heaven waiting on us. When Allen was little he used to have an imaginary friend to play with. Later on I asked him what his friend’s name was. He said ‘Joey.’ He said ‘Dad, Joey is my big brother coming down from heaven to play with me.’ We were amazed because we had never told him that story at that time. He would even say to me in the car, ‘Dad, wait a minute Joey is coming and going to ride with us.’ So I would have to wait a minute so ‘Joey could get in the car’. So, I said all that to say we know what you go through when you think about your baby but… he is waiting for you in heaven. We all just have to make sure we are on that ‘bus’ on our way to heaven. Jesus said, ‘I Am The Way, The Truth and The Life. No one comes to the Father but through Me.’


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